Mario Party 10 recieves official age rating on the Australian Classification Board

Once again another game rating is coming out of Australia with the latest being the upcoming Mario Party 10, this game is most likely still a few months off, with no word about development or the game as a whole being given since E3 earlier this year. The Australian Classification Board has awarded Mario Party 10 with a G rating, which means it will be safe for all audiences and should be fine for families to enjoy.Hopefully given this game has already received an age rating it should arrive within the first half of next year to potentially quench the party thirst of those who didn’t enjoy Game & Wario or Wii Party U, Nintendo just needs to hurry up and give us an official release date and more on the game. On a side note it also looks like the NDCUBE the developers of the past couple of Mario Party games is leading development which is also nice to know.

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