Mario Party: Star Rush, New Mario series amiibo’s and Paper Mario: Color Splash arriving on October 7th in Europe

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed the release date for Paper Mario Color Splash, as well as the newly announced Mario amiibo figures, and a new Mario Party game for the 3DS. In America these games have all been dated differently, Paper Mario will arrive on October 7th, and the new Mario Party and amiibo figures would arrive on November 4th. Now we have a release date for these games in Europe and things are a little different, while Paper Mario Color Splash remains on the same date for release, the amiibo’s and Mario Party will arrive on October 7th like Paper Mario.

Interestingly this does tie into some speculation that I made earlier, will the Mario amiibo’s have a place in Paper Mario? Nothing has been announced yet, but it could be soon, and I think this would be a good idea, especially to find a further use for each of the characters

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