Mario Tennis Ultra Smash sold through 80% of its initial shipment in Japan

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash has not exactly shined around the world, when the game arrived in North America, Europe and the rest of the world it quite frankly was frowned upon. The game was lacking in features and many other problems which did not make the game overly great and the sales of the game reflect this. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash has failed to really find ground in the world, but this is not the case in Japan. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash finally arrived in Japan this week and its sales have proven to be quite good, Media Create has first week sales at 55,331 units while Dengeki’s figure is slightly higher at 58,000. No matter what the sales have been far better reaching hen would have been expected.

According to Dengeki, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash sold through about 80 percent of its initial shipment. When compared to the sales numbers of the last console Mario Tennis game in this case New Play Control Mario Power Tennis the numbers are looking quite good. In its opening week the game sold 57,000 copies, the game then went on to sell 247,000 units in total. The sales when compared are looking good and gives reason to suggest that Mario Tennis Ultra Smash could go on for a really good future in Japan.

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