Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection: All Program Advances In Battle Network 2

With the second game in the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, MegaMan.EXE has gotten some upgrades! Program Advances are back, and now more essential than ever. While the first game treated them as ways to dish out more powerful attacks against enemy viruses, Mega Man Battle Network 2 makes using them essential. Plus, if you want to reach an S ranking for a fight, you’ll need to master these programs.

While there are a host of brand-new Program Advances to download to your memory and execute in battle, a few are returning from the first game’s list. However, even those that are familiar have been updated to be even more powerful and are worth revisiting. This guide covers everything you need to know about Program Advances in Mega Man Battle Network 2!

All Mega Man Battle Network 2 Program Advances In Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network 2 brings back versions of both the Zeta and Omega series of Advances but adds many new ones that don’t fall into any categories. Program Advances still need to use chips that have the same code placed in alphabetical order! This game has many more codes than the first, but as long as they all share a code, it doesn’t matter which one you pick. We’ll start with the returning ones and how they’re different in the second Battle Network game.

Zeta And Omega Series + Altered Advances

The Zeta and Omega series of Advances are back and have the same function of letting MegaMan use whichever chips you used to activate it. The upgrade we mentioned is that now you get the added benefit of five seconds (or 10 in the case of Omega Program Advances) of invincibility! Here’s a refresher on all the weapons that work with the Zeta and Omega series:

  • Cannon 1, 2, and 3
  • Cannon Ball
  • Ratton 1, 2, and 3

A couple of other Program Advances are back from the first game and have had their effects slightly altered. Here’s what’s new about them:

  • Big Straight is now called Machine Gun Punch and attacks six times each time you use it.
  • Heavy Stamp is now activated using Quake 1 + Quake 2 + Quake 3.
  • Double Hero now uses Custom Sword B + Variable Sword B + ProtoMan V1/V2/V3 B
  • Guts Shoot is back, but deals more damage.

New Program Advances

Mega Man Battle Network 2 program

Now we get to the good stuff; the new Program Advances added in Mega Man Battle Network 2. Let’s check them out!

  • Hyper Burst: Spreader x3 (M+N+O or N+O+P or O+P+Q) . MegaMan uses an explosive Spreader after his initial shot.
  • Mega Death Burst: Spreader x5 (M+N+O+P+Q). Same effect as Hyper Burst, but it lasts longer.
  • Arrows: Double Needle + Triple Needle + Quadruple Needle. Shoots 10 massive arrows.
  • Ultra Bomb: Little Bomb + Cross Bomb + Big Bomb. Tosses a large 3×3 bomb that does heavy damage.
  • Life Sword 1, 2, and 3: Sword + Wide Sword + Long Sword, Fire Sword + Aqua Sword + Elec Sword, and Fire Blade + Aqua Blade + Elec Blade respectively. They all attack with a big energy sword that hit two columns ahead.
  • Curse Anger: Curse Shield 1 + Curse Shield 2 + Curse Shield 3. Creates a long-lasting shield.
  • Time Bomb+: Time Bomb 1 + Time Bomb 2 + Time Bomb 3. Spawns a timed explosive on the opponent’s side.
  • Poison Pharaoh: Poison Mask + Poison Face + Anubis. Summons PharaohMan to spread poison on the opponent’s side.
  • Gater: Wind G + Fan G + GateMan V1/V2/V3 G. Summons GateMan to throw nine random objects at the enemy.
  • Big Heart: Holy Panel R + Recovery 300 R + Roll V1/V2/V3 R. Roll attacks one enemy and heals MegaMan.
  • Body Guard: Drop Down S + Anti Damage S + ShadowMan V1/V2/V3 S. ShadowMan launches 18 shurikens at the enemies.
  • Darkness: Bass V3 X + AntiNavi X + Fire/Aqua/Elec/Wood Gospel X. Gospel uses a breath attack based on the element type used in the final chip. It hits 6 of the enemy’s tiles and one of yours. If any enemy survives, Bass will attack and break a column of enemy tiles.

And those are all the Program Advances to add to your database for Mega Man Battle Network 2! Are you enjoying the sequel more than the first? Did you play the originals before, or are just starting out with the collection? Let us know in the comments!

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