Memorable Gaming Scenes – Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance part 1

What does Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance have besides a very stupid and long winded name, it has some very memorable scenes. Well actually that is the case with the entire franchise, the memorable scenes not stupid names part unless of course you are referring to Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days to sleep. The franchise is littered with scenes that burn in our memory and continue to make us love them for what they do, some are on an emotional scale (well actually many are on an emotional scale), others more because of the action packed nature. However I thought for this week we would turn to the 3DS exclusive installment in the franchise that I recently returned to for a look at one of that games particular scenes.

Dream Drop Distance has a whole lot going for it, the game features several great worlds to visit and explore, plenty of creativity, and a pretty exciting combat system. However it is the games story that really acts as its biggest draw in point, many subtle hints are made regularly throughout the story as to plot details, the story is well thought out and more importantly it has the emotion behind it that keeps things enjoyable as you proceed. There are many moments I can choose from in this game and I am hoping to get to many of them but for this week I chose a scene that is emotional and thoughtful, the scene really looks deep at our main protagonist Sora and his connection to the people he meets, but more particularly it goes in depth on the character of Roxas who many of you might remember from Kingdom Hearts 2. Just for the sake of noting it I have always felt Sora is very feminine, but that has never been an issue in fact it is what has helped to truly carry Sora as a character, he is in touch with his emotions and truly feels for everyone he meets. This is exactly what happens in this scene as we see Roxas express his feelings about the situation between himself and Sora, through Kingdom Hearts 2 we grow to feel for Roxas and even get saddened by his destined fate and here Roxas really drives back on this a little bit. Sora being who he is sympathizes with Roxas and the two have a memorable moment, I like this scene because this is truthful it is Roxas and Sora expressing their long standing thoughts and realizations, overall it just shows Sora’s real reason for being one of the games heroes and how he connects to other characters. I love this and if you think about it the scene is truly tear inducing and thought provoking, however you should watch the scene to see for yourself what I am on about, I will warn you however that the video is not the best quality but that should be excusable.

I will be doing further scenes from Kingdom Hearts sometime in the future.

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