Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release date has been announced

Finally after months of waiting and wondering Konami has finally gone and given the gaming public what they wanted, we finally have an official release date for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Konami has officially revealed that players who wish to play the game on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One will be able to get their hands on the game September 1st, PC gamers however will have a slightly longer wait however with the Phantom Pain arriving on the platform via Steam a few weeks later on September 15th. Konami has also gone ahead and revealed the games competitive multiplayer mode will also go live the day of release.

Finally a collectors edition of the game is also on its way, within it will provide a series of great physical and digital goodies, here are some of the physical goodies:

  • Half-scale Replica of Snake’s Bionic Arm
  • Collectible SteelBook
  • Behind-the-Scenes Documentary and Trailers Blu-Ray Disc
  • A Map
  • Exclusive Packaging

Digital goods that will come out of the collectors edition include weapon skins, different cardboard boxes, point boosters and much more. All of the goods are below:

  • Weapon and Shield Pack (Windurger S333 Comba Special Weapon, Adam-ska Special Weapon, Maschinen aktische Pistole 5 Weiss Special Weapon, Rasp Short-Barreled Shotgun Gold Special Weapon, and a Personal Ballistic Shield in Olive Drab, Silver, White, and Gold)
  • Cardboard Box (Rocky Terrain, All-Purpose Dryland, and Wetland)
  • Snake Costume (Fatigues in Black Ocelot, Gray Urban, Blue Urban, and All-Purpose Dryland)
  • “Venom Snake” Emblem
  • Metal Gear Online XP Boost
  • MGO Items (Metal Gear Rex Helmet, Golden AM MRS-4, and Golden WU S.PISTOL)

Should you choose to not go for the collectors edition there is still a day one edition which will include a map, as well as some other bits of downloadable content, including:

  • A Map
  • Adam-Ska Special Weapon
  • Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
  • Cardboard Box (Wetland)
  • Fatigues (Blue Urban Snake Costume)
  • Metal Gear Online XP Boost

Steam players will receive their extra content with the game at launch. Here’s hoping all goes well for the game considering that this is most likely the final installment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, it had a good run.

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