Microsoft buys the rights to the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games

So Microsoft has just announced that they are now the owners of the Gears of War franchise including existing and new games and any merchandise and everything else that is in the franchise. Black Tusk Studios located in Vancouver will now be tasked in taking care of future Gears of War titles.

You maybe asking yourself why did Microsoft purchase Gears of Wars franchise? Well as Phil Spencer puts it, “It all comes back to our commitment to Xbox fans. The ‘Gears of War’ franchise has a very strong, passionate and valued fan base on Xbox.”

What does Epic have to say of the acquisition?

“Epic Games has reached an agreement to sell the ‘Gears of War’ intellectual property rights to Microsoft. We’re very proud of the franchise we built in close partnership with Microsoft over the past decade and are happy that this agreement enables Microsoft to forge ahead with the ‘Gears’ universe on their industry-leading platforms as Epic concentrates its efforts on new projects,”

If you want more detailed information of the future of the franchise and what it now means to be in Microsoft Hands, go Here

Do you think this will affect the quality of the Gears of War franchise it has become to be known about ?

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