Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 will arrive on all platforms on November 24th

Telltale has never been overly quick when it comes to releasing follow up episodes in their episodic games, as an example you can look at Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands where the episodes seemingly released at random. Now, there is quite a difference when we look at their latest work Minecraft: Story Mode, the big thing namely is the episodes seem to be releasing on a closer schedule. From what I understand the first episode released around a month ago and it has now been revealed that we are only days away from the arrival of the next episode in the series. Telltale Games sent out the following information:

Minecraft Story Mode episode 3 arrives on All platforms November 24th

You can see an trailer for Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3: The Last Place You Look below:

Episode 3 will be available on November 24th

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