Minecraft: Story Mode headed to Wii U

The Wii U has not exactly been the go to console for Telltale Games, disappointingly owners of the console have missed out on some of the biggest story driven games with The Walking Dead (although presently rumored to be coming to the console) as well as The Wolf Among Us, not mentioning the current series they have going. But in a strange twist Telltale Games is set to bring one of their upcoming series to Wii U in the form of Minecraft: Story Mode, this is not the version of the game we want but it is certainly a start and a step towards the future.

While talking with The Verge, developer Telltale Games explained that with the latest game they hope to be able to introduce new people to the franchise, as well as reach new audiences, the Wii U of course being a much different audience.

Minecraft: Story Mode is expected out sometime later this year.

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