Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been delayed again

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has not had an easy time getting off the ground, the game has encountered many delay’s from when the game was originally slated for release on February 23rd, then it was delayed to May 24th, and now the game has been delayed yet again.

Game Director Erik Odeldahl has announced that the game will be being pushed back by two weeks making the new release date June 7th in North America and June 9th in Europe. The delay for the game has occurred due to company decisions namely looking at player feedback from the recently held closed beta, a particular piece of the additional time will be used to better improve the games Social Play online features.

The Social Play features include an asynchronous Beat L.E. mode that lets you mark elements in the world for other players, highlighting Easter eggs or shortcuts. These will be further tested in another closed beta which is to be held in the coming week.

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