It seems that board game developer Cryptozoic, doesn’t seem to be done making tabletop games off of video games universes.

If you remember from last Monday, I wrote an gruesome article about how Cryptozoic Entertainment announced that they have developed an Assassin’s Creed board game (that will be released in the next two days mind you). Well now those folks at Cryptozoic are journeying into other video game territories. But out of all video game universes Cryptozoic could construct an tabletop game on, they pick the most obscured one that even Einstein couldn’t even have guessed. Make sure you clean your ears of wax and have an bottle of eye drops ready on hand, you’ll need it for this announcement.

They are making an Portal board game. Yeah, I said it. A Portal board game. Don’t believe me? I wouldn’t believe me either. But the picture don’t lie. So look below.




The board game is designed by the original creators of Portal and Portal 2. And knowing that they are from Valve, they have the equivalent knowledge of a Stratford  student. So it must be good! But I think the most intriguing thing about this package is not that it is begin assemble by the original creators of the game,but that the name is “Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game”. I say that there is no better name for an Portal board game. There aren’t many details available about the package nor the define time of release, but it is soon.

I say HOORAY about more video game board games. Now we just need an Half-Life board game.

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