“Welcome to Rapture”, these are the words that were shared through the official Bioshock Twitter page hinting at the impending release of the long rumored Bioshock: The Collection.

Yet this is not all the new information that has suddenly surfaced, it seems 2K is doing a pathetic job at keeping this release from being known. A leak on 2K’s official website has revealed the very real existence of this collection, and although this was quickly taken down some eagle eyed journalists quickly got a snapshot of the update. This comes courtesy of IGN, who were also able to get a shot of the games box art, as well as the some general art, and admittedly they are both awesome. You can find the images below:

Bioshock The Collection 2K website Bioshock The Collection art Bioshock The Collection box art

With all these new tidbits of information I feel that it is safe to assume that Bioshock: The Collection will be finally revealed in a matter of time, I would not be surprised if the game was revealed sometime in July. They just better ensure that this collection comes out as a physical copy, because this is the most exciting thing that has happened all year, which is sad when you think about it.

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