Murdered: Soul Suspect will be coming out to almost every console this year.

Square Enix announced today that their ghost detective game “Murdered:Soul Suspect” is coming to Xbox One and PS4. A game developed by Airtight Games (the guys and gals behind Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum); where you take the role of a detective who has been killed by an unknown murderer. Now a ghost,he must use his supernatural abilities to solve his own death. OOOOO,spooky. The game will be coming out for PS4,Xbox one, PS3,Xbox 360,and PC. But why should you pick up the Next-Gen version of this game compared to the other versions? Square Enix said in a statement that it will “offer increased visual fidelity via native 1080p output”. So basically more pretty graphics and a smoother experience.

No announcement if the game will be coming out on the WiiU;which is a shame knowing that console needs some more games. You’ll be able to use your ghost abilities and spook people in June of this year.



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