Mutazione Explores The Chill World of Mutant Soap Opera

Mutazione is the new character-driven adventure title from Danish indie developers, Die Gute Fabrik, layered with conspiracies and gossips in the mutant-inhabited tropical resort and has released earlier today. The world of Mutazione centers around an alien meteor, Moon Dragon, crashed into the island and killing most of the inhabitants. The ones that did survive began to develop signs of mutations and, in the passing 100 years, formed their community of Mutazione.

Players take control of 15-year-old, Kai who has to travel to Mutazione to help nurse her ailing grandfather, Noona. It seems that Noona has other plans for Kai with secrets and plots bubbling under the surface of the seemingly-friendly community.

Alongside uncovering the sinister schemes lurking underneath, players will be treated to a scenic slice-of-life adventure where they can plant musical gardens, attend BBQs, band nights and boat trips, as they get acquainted with the small-town mutant denizens.

Mutazione is out now on the PS4 and PC.

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