New 3DS update is available

It is that time again, if you haven’t been playing Tomadachi Life or a small selection of other 3DS games then you will need to dust off your 3DS and not for the reason you think if you didn’t read the headline. There is a new update that needs downloading and it is going to improve the usage of your 3DS, Nintendo has released this new update  bringing the firmware up to version 8.0.0-18.

This update is nothing major but according to Nintendo it is going to help with furthering stability of your 3DS and other minor adjustments in order to enhance the experience of the user.

Be aware if you check Nintendo’s eShop regularly then you will be unable to access it until the update is complete and on your system so I suggest you go get it done, if you are a 3DS owner then your updates should be done anyway to keep your system up to date.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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