Any games with gods gives me tingles. As does the term ‘rogue like’ for the brutal and often hilariously random way that genre can evolve during play. Ascendant a new indie title by Hapa Games combines both alongside not quite 2D but not quite 3D beat ’em up action. You fight through swarms of enemies with stylised acrobatic combat, similar to hack and slash games like God of War.

You play as a demigod and you can manifest your powers through raging fanatics, devout zealots, and wild beasts all furious at your mere existence on their little scrub of reality and happily eager to crunch your face in. You explore the world killing them, discovering new weapons and new Aspects and learning how to survive.

Aspects are ancient relics that the Ascendant can pick up to grant themselves a Blessing. Each Blessing gives the player a unique and immensely powerful ability (double jump, explosive spells, phantom strikes for example) that can be socketed into either the weapon, armor, or spell.

The worlds adapt around you in classic rogue like fashion, with each playthrough creating an entirely new web of environments to navigate and explore and new varieties of enemies to face and items to collect.

About Hapa Games
Hapa Games is a small Orlando based studio creating games that have engaging mechanics, a visually stunning aesthetic, and are tough as nails to beat.

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