New characters from Fire Emblem join the fight

It is here, it has been, it is done the latest string of characters have been revealed for the new Smash brothers a few hours ago and I might just say now they were not what I was expecting. Shown in a video today was the reveal of three playable characters which I am certain many would not have been expecting, having only known or thought there was one reveal to be done.

The first character I am going to make mention of for you is a returning character which you should be happy about, it is Captain Falcon a fighter from the original twelve for those who aren’t aware. The other two characters set for the new game however are brand new and are from the Fire Emblem Franchise, I would assume that you would think we would be getting Chrome as a representative for Fire Emblem due to his major part in Awakening but instead we will be getting to play as Lucina who also played a reasonable part in the story of Awakening. We will also receive a character called Robin who can be male or female who was our character in Awakening. Now I will let the trailer speak for itself:

This now puts our total Fire Emblem representatives up to four now.

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