New details revealed for Disney Infinity 3.0

A series of new details have emerged about Disney Infinity 3.0 thanks to Game Informer. The game is set to have a lot of Star Wars in it and is truly sounding exciting based on the new details that have been revealed, so I hope you love Star Wars.

Here is a roundup of the new details and these honestly sound exciting:

– Gobo (Pirates of the Caribbean and Guardians of the Galaxy Playsets) is working on 3.0
– The team is trying to incorporate as many elements from the Star Wars trilogy as possible
– Both Death Stars will need to be blown up during trench runs
– Star Destroyers will be battled in space
– Ride a Bantha from the bars of Mos Eisley to the dance floor of Jabba’s palace
– Exlore the ice world of Hoth
– Battle the four-legged AT-ATs
– For the first time, AT-ATs can turn
– AT-ATs and AT-STs can correct themselves and turn when walking over any terrain
– AT-ATs and AT-STs can adjust their balance and recover if knocked over
– Young players have been brought in for weekly play tests
– Take down AT-ATs by piece by climbing their legs or take control of them yourself
– Ex: land a Snowspeeder on top of the AT-AT and break apart its back to reveal a giant controller with buttons to stand on to direct its movement and fire its weapons
– Can remove the controller from its back and carry it away to where you have a full view of the walking tank
– Can also explore Tatooine
– In this area, you’ll find Sandcrawlers
– Ride on the roofs of Mos Eisley on a Batha
– Levels in the game are designed to allow players to do whatever they want in the context of a Star Wars world
– There were initially plans to have Ninja Theory make the Playset based on the first three films, with Gobo set to work on the prequel trilogy
– After examining the content of each of the trilogies, and some shifting, it was decided since Ninja Theory specialized in combat, it should be working on the trilogy that featured Jedis fighting at their prime
– This led Gobo to handling the trilogy since the studio had a background in racing and vehicles
– Can take control of iconic vehicles like the X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon
– Star Fox was an inspiration
– Not all space battles are on rails
– The two Death Star battles will be on rails
– Non-rail battles and flying around open space are like the all-range-mode from Star Fox 64
– Dedicated inputs make you do loop de loops and 180 degree turns and the bumpers on the controller let you lean tightly into turns

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