New Final Fantasy XIV Update To Add New Content

Square Enix has announced they’re going to be releasing a new update patch entitled “Futures Rewritten” for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online on December 8th, and it looks to be stuffed with all manner of new quests, job improvements, gear adjustments, and more.

Extending the main storyline from the Stormbringers expansion, players will assist the Scions as they finally return to the Source. But whether their future will be an anthem of hope or a dirge of despair will rest on the players. Other storylines are also being expanded, with “Chronicles of a New Era -The Sorrow of Werlyt” taking players fresh off the destruction of the Sapphire Weapon up against a new Imperial warmachina named the Emerald Weapon, and giving them a new Trial, Castrum Marinum, to take a shot at stopping it. Shortly after launch, the fourth and final stage of “The Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard” will commence, with players in each World shard working to complete the massive project. And later on (likely after the new year), the next chapter in Yasumi Matsuno’s “Save The Queen” story arc continues (slated to be part of Patch 5.45).

To take on the new dungeons, raids, and Trial zones, FF XIV Online players will have some new ways to make the battles a little easier. The Blue Mage limited job will have its level cap raised to 70, new job specific equipment, and all new magic to learn. Skysteel tools will have further upgrade options to help with crafting and gathering, along with adjustments to certain crafter actions and other improvements. And Resistance Weapons will be getting two new upgrade tiers to help fine tune a player’s weapon to suit their particular play style, but only after players complete the “Save The Queen” quest line when Patch 5.45 drops.

Finally, Square Enix has teamed up with Pusheen to add Final Fantasy XIV themed stickers to Apple’s iMessage app. Users will soon be able see Pusheen dressed as a Moogle, Tonberry, or Fat Chocobo, and show it off to their friends.

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