EA is getting ready to reveal the latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise, a short and very to the point message was posted onto the official Facebook page for EA’s Need for Speed franchise. The message came with a basic message basically saying the next Need for Speed game will be announced on May 21st, as you can see below:

Need for Speed 21st

There is nothing fancy or exciting about the message, there is no hints at what EA has planned with the game, what it will look like, or even any basic concept art. However, this is even more exciting, there is nothing to go on and I am excited to see how things look now and what they plan to do with the new game.

EA took a year off from Need for Speed in 2014, and the last game to arrive was in 2013 with Need for Speed Rival’s so with a year between we could expect just about anything. Though, for the new game I am picking current generation only for release, but we will see in a matter of day’s.

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