New PlayStation 4 Bundle Will Include $100 Gift Card and More!

The PlayStation 4 Neo or the “new PlayStation 4” is  supposedly being announced next month at the Sony news event on September 7th. With that being said, it appears that this might be a good time to buy a Sony console as new deals have popped up on the web.

Dell has a new deal where the customer can purchase a $350 PlayStation 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Bundle and receive a $100 gift card for the Dell online store. You won’t be able to see this gift card bundle until you are checking out. The gift card also won’t be available until 10-20 days after your order.

black op 3


Last of Us Remastered On Sale!

The Naughty Dog masterpiece is now on sale on Amazon for $19, yes, you heard me correctly $19 dollars. After this game has been on the racks for $50, they finally reduced the price.


PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Controllers Dip In Price!

The DualShock 4 and the Xbox One wireless controllers have had their prices reduce to $47 and $38 respectively. This is a price reduction from their usual $60 price tag.


PlayStation Plus Prices Are About to Rise!

As you all may know, also from an article on our website, PlayStation Plus prices are going to increase from $50 to $60 on September 22nd. This has been the first time in six years apparently that Sony has increased the prices.

playstaion plus

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