A Look At All The New Live-Action Pokémon Designs In Detective Pikachu

With only a month away from its release, hype is steadily building for the Detective Pikachu movie, the upcoming Pokémon live-action movie. To further stoke the hype, Ryan Reynolds, the voice of the titular Detective Pikachu, uploaded a new trailer for the movie on his YouTube channel on Tuesday. This trailer really focuses on the live-action Pokémon designs in the movie. It clearly shows off some of the previously seen designs, all while introducing many new ones.

Without further ado, here are the new Pokémon in the new trailer (including the ones seen in older trailers, but not in great detail):


Pancham looks very cute and cuddly!


Dodrio looks very emu-like but seems to be missing the heads’ distinctive personalities.


Just like Bulbasaur, Venusaur’s design translates well to live-action.


Its ‘hair’ isn’t as spiky as it should be but otherwise super cute!


Really like the design but can’t stop wondering if that dress is just made of skin.


Cubone’s look is another that translates well into live-action.


Fuzzy and mean is a perfect look for Pangoro. I also like how its fur collar looks!


Just the cutest. Look at its fuzzy ears!!


I appreciate that Purrloin seems to be standing on all four feet, instead of the bipedal depiction in its in-game models.


Rufflet looks great as well! I love how soft its feather afro looks!


I really love Sneasel’s design. The proportions and textures used are just really pleasing!


Torterra looks plain awesome. I love the mossy look for the ‘land’ on its shell, as well as the moss creeping onto the rocky shell rim.


Treecko’s design is rather good, but it is still a bit shocking to see it with eyelids.


Yep, Kingler looks like a crab.


Magikarp looks fantastic, but the whiskers’ thickness surprise me. I was expecting to see something like koi or catfish whiskers.

The main new design featured in the trailer is everyone’s favorite useless fish, Magikarp. Magikarp is quite big for a fish, but still just as floppy and pathetic as ever. At the end, there is a short clip of Pikachu throwing Magikarp to the ground, leading the fish to flop around feebly. Despite Magikarp being known for its jumping prowess, this one doesn’t seem to make it very far into the air when it flops.

The trailer also shows how catching and evolving Pokémon look in the movie, which, as expected, look different from the anime and game portrayals. When a Poké Ball hits a wild Cubone, it gets sucked in, almost like being pulled into a vacuum, as opposed to the single beam of light often seen in the anime and the glittery effect in the games.

Cubone being pulled into a Poké Ball.

Evolution, on the other hand, is still just as glowy as it is in the anime. However, one notable change is getting to see the features of the evolving Pokémon morph into its evolution. The trailer shows an Eevee evolving into Flareon, with its ears becoming longer and fuller, and its head getting fluffier.

Eevee mid-evolution.

The trailer offers no new information on the plot of the movie, but, let’s be real: We all just want to see what the Pokémon designs look like anyway.