New Pokemon RPG Announced for Nintendo Switch, No Specifics Revealed

Pokken Tournament DX was revealed last week for Nintendo Switch and, while this news may have been anticlimactic to those expecting more from the “Pokemon Direct”, fans of the Pokemon franchise can rest assured there is a standard Pokemon title coming to the Switch.

No game specifics have been announced but The Pokemon Company’s president has confirmed that a new RPG entry in the series will be headed to the platform. The only real information we know is that Game Freak is handling the game and it will likely arrive sometime in the next year.

There is still reason to speculate on the franchise’s “Stars” installment, the complementary third game to Sun and Moon, but it remains to be confirmed whether this is in development or only a rumor.

Pokemon for Switch will mark the franchise’s first time coming off dedicated handhelds and onto a standard console for a main-series game.

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