New Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Shows Rainbow Rocket

The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, showing a couple more details on the games. There is much in these games that will keep players enthralled, particularly with the rise of Rainbow Rocket. This team is built from leaders of all previous evil teams: Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, Ghetsis, and Lysandre. All these characters have come together to fulfill some master plan. It may be assumed that this will be a post-game quest akin to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire‘s Delta Episode, although the trailer does not make that clear.

The new trailer also showed off the Battle Agency, a location akin to the Battle Factory in Pokémon Emerald where you rent Pokémon and battle with them in one-on-one battles. This facility will allow you to battle powerful trainers and earn rare items.

The newest feature is the Totem Stickers, which can be found all over Alola. The trailer suggests that you can get totem-sized Pokémon, but it is unclear exactly how this will work.

Finally, you will able to catch every non-event legendary in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. They will be available by traveling through Ultra Wormholes, allowing you to acquire everything from the Regis to Xerneus.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will be a definitive Pokémon game experience. We will see for certain when the game arrives November 17. For now you can check out all the cool new things in the trailer below:

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