New Tony Hawk game not coming out for consoles

Sorry to ruin your hopes and dreams, but a new Tony Hawk game an’t coming out for consoles. Tony Hawk was interrogated today on Bloomberg, being barraged by questions about what he has been up to. During the interview he mention that a new Tony Hawk game is coming out for mobile devices soon, which Activtison did confirm to Kotaku later on.

But yeah, don’t frown yet, I consider this an stepping stone towards an new console Tony Hawk game. And if your wondering why the heck Activision hasn’t given Tony the cold shoulder about still making skateboarding video games; Tony Hawk signed a contract with Activision in 2006 to keep making games with the Tony Hawk’s name slapped on it. How long was the contract going to last? Oh I don’t know, just about a short 25 YEARS! So it’s more or less confirmed that within the next 11 years, you’ll see a Tony Hawk game. I bet Activision regrets making that deal.

Will Neversoft return to the band wagon in creating another Tony Hawk? Or will they slip and fall away forever? Who knows.


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