New trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 coming tomorrow

We may not be recieving Kingdom Hearts 3 this year, but yet we still have one Kingdom Hearts release to look forward to, which is Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that is expected to release later this year. What is more exciting though is seeing more of this release and that is happening tomorrow, as the Square Enix twitter account has shared. The newest trailer for the game will be coming at 8 AM ET / 5 AM PT, and this should show more of the game in high definition goodness. For those interested in Kingdom Hearts 2.8, the game will include Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (previously a 3DS exclusive), Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 which is a prologue game to Kingdom Hearts 3 starring the original games Aqua. Also included is Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, an hour long movie revealing the series’ history and telling the tale of the Foretellers.

In regards to what the trailer will show, partly I suspect that we will find out a release date and see how Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance might play.

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