Next batch of Hyrule Warriors DLC will celebrate Majora’s Mask with two new characters

There is no doubting it Hyrule Warriors is one of the Wii U’s best games, it is fun, it is slightly silly and there is so much potential for more, and that potential is just we are going to be getting. During’s today’s Nintendo Direct Nintendo’s Bill Trinen announced that Hyrule Warriors next set of Downloadable content will feature Majora’s Mask content. To be more precise we will be seeing two new playable characters from Majora’s Mask as well as new costumes and also a new Adventure Map. Most importantly though is the two characters will be arriving as playable characters in this new pack, the characters in question include young Link who will brandish the kokiri sword while also coming equipped with the Fierce Deity Mask. The other playable character on the other hand will be Tingle, because who doesn’t want to play as Tingle and beat up enemies as him. Tingle’s main attack will be his balloon but he does go a bit far fetched with his bag of rupees which he clobbers enemies with, as well as his Koolah Limpa dance and also a kiss of death. Is it just me or does he sound strangely fun to play as.

The next batch of downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors will arrive on February 5th. I have put a small bit of a trailer below for you to look at:

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