Next Skylanders game to feature vehicles, possibly titled Skylanders Superchargers

A few months back Activision announced that the next entry in the Skylanders franchise would be quite innovative, to many like myself this really meant nothing but we can’t help but think of the possibilities, however even in our wildest dreams I don’t think we could have seen this coming. According to a new rumor going around the next Skylanders game could be truly different, no matter how hard we tried I don’t think any of us would have picked the franchise to go down the vehicle path, but according to the rumor that is likely to be a big part of the game.

From another rumor the new game is likely to be titled Skylanders Superchargers which is certainly a very car focused title. But of course the whole vehicle claim has pretty much been backed up with American motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana who reportedly wrote the following Instagram post: “Was filming some cool stuff for a new Activision game called Skylanders Superchargers this weekend”. The post has since been deleted. Though it does seem likely that the game would get a professional to help with the vehicle side of a game.

As of yet no confirmation has been made but I will admit it is seeming even more likely now. Perhaps this could be the change the franchise needs to actually be fun without being forced.

The game is likely to be on just about every platform that the franchise has arrived on previously including the Wii U, though an official confirmation will need to confirm this.

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