Nintendo Adds Indie Hub to their Website

Nintendo has added a subsection to the Eshop section of their website. This new section shows all of the support that Nintendo gives to independent developers. The website features both 3DS a Wii U games, such as Cave Story and Steamworld Dig. Creating this part of their website was a great idea, because it shows some of the wonderful Indie games that are available on the Eshop. If you are interested in one of the games, you can click their thumbnail to view their product page.

The lower part of the website shows information on buying products on the Nintendo Eshop for those who are not familiar with the service, and shows the new Yoshi themed Eshop card. This card allows you to buy $10 of Eshop credit, an option that has not been available before. This is useful if you only want one small game, but don’t want to use your credit card.


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