Nintendo Blocks most Flash Carts on 3DS with new Update

As many are aware Nintendo sent an update to 3DS owners without warning which automatically update to the newest firmware 4.4.0-10U. At first glance it seemed like nothing special at all but if you look deeper you will see it was measure to prevent flash carts to run on the 3DS. And boy did Nintendo 1-Up the game this time.



According to a manufacturer of Flash Carts , SuperCard, has revealed that most of them have been blocked now. And you may be thinking well the makers always release software updates so they’ll be back in no time. Well it seems Nintendo was smart to target the Piracy Problem from a hardware angle. So that means practically all cards won’t work and that is all due how they Save. They will be required to fix the hardware problem to be able to make them work on the 3DS again which could take awhile.

And the battle between Nintendo and Piracy goes on with Nintendo taking the lead.


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