Nintendo E3 2017 Wishlist

It’s that time of year again.

E3 is approaching. What new games will be announced? What games will finally be given solid release dates? These are the questions on every gamer’s lips.

I am most excited about Nintendo. With companies like Sony or Ubisoft it is easy to predict what is coming, but Nintendo keeps you guessing and has many surprises up their sleeve, good or bad. Last year they focused on Breath of the Wild and in previous years made many surprising announcements. Who saw Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival coming? Not me!

So I made a wishlist of the surprises I want to see from Nintendo at E3 this year.

Pikmin for Nintendo Switch

Let’s start with the announcement I most want to see: Pikmin for the Nintendo Switch. This year Nintendo will be bringing Hey! Pikmin to the Nintendo 3DS and, while this game looks fun, it will not be the typical Pikmin experience. Hey! Pikmin has some solid ideas but also a different focus from main Pikmin titles. There is room for a new Pikmin in the traditional design.

The ideal new Pikmin would be a pseudo open-world adventure that beautifully blends exploration with strategy, planning with unit management, and have all the other charm of the series. Some time ago Nintendo did confirm a new Pikmin was in development, but I am convinced Hey! Pikmin was not it. Pikmin may not be the biggest franchise, and it certainly wouldn’t “win E3″, but it is an announcement that would please fans. Come on, Nintendo – take us on another wonderful Pikmin adventure! Or just remake the first three games for the Switch – I’ll take that!

Arms amiibos

In the recent Nintendo Direct Nintendo emphasized Arms heavily, yet no amiibo announcements were made. I thought it was just short of required that amiibos get made for every big Nintendo release. Splatoon 2 is getting more amiibos, Hey! Pikmin is getting a (really adorable) amiibo, and Arms should follow suit.

Speaking as someone whose bedroom is buried in amiibos, it is disappointing that no amiibos were announced for Arms. It does not matter how pointless these figures really are, amiibos are still money makers because people want more collectibles on their shelves. I don’t think amiibos are going to happen for Arms, but the game does come out just after E3, so Nintendo could still announce them. I really want amiibos of Spring Man and Ribbon Girl.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes

Yes, I think most people could have seen this coming. I mean, isn’t it time for some Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes? Many Pokemon fans predict these remakes are coming, even by the end of this year. I’m joining the bandwagon.

The chances of this announcement are low as neither Nintendo nor the Pokemon Company typically announce Pokemon games at E3. But this is a wishlist and the series is the biggest it has been in years.

Super Mario Odyssey’s release date

This is an obvious entry. I want to see more of Super Mario Odyssey!

We need a release date. For Nintendo Switch owners this is the biggest game in the near future for the console, and we all really want to know when we can expect to play it. “Holiday 2017” does not cut it.

I don’t remember the last time I was this excited for a Mario game. Sure, Super Mario 3D World looked fun when it was announced and Super Mario Maker was interesting, but Super Mario Odyssey is in the league of the next “real” Mario game following the Galaxy titles. It’s unclear how many games the Switch will see by the end of the year, so it is important Nintendo keeps up interest with an Odyssey release date and some gameplay footage. If they show fans a release date this could be their next Breath of the Wild in terms of hype.

Nintendo has confirmed a small showing of this game. Hopefully the release date comes with that.

Fully 3D Donkey Kong on Switch

I feel like a broken record with Donkey Kong. Nearly every time I make a wishlist for E3 or an upcoming Nintendo announcement I always list another 3D Donkey Kong game.

Donkey Kong was more or less my childhood. I spent many hours playing Donkey Kong 64 and loved every minute. The worlds, the music, and the characters were great.

For years I have hoped that Nintendo would bring Donkey Kong back to the full 3D design and despite enjoying Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze I can’t deny that I was disappointed with another side-scrolling installment. Maybe this is the year Nintendo brings Donkey Kong back to mostly unexplored territory by announcing a fully 3D adventure in the vein of Donkey Kong 64.

“Honorable mentions”

Stardew Valley’s release date and physical copy

I love Stardew Valley and cannot wait to be able to play the game wherever I go. Hopefully E3 will bring word of the official release date for the Switch version and, by extension, bring us a physical copy similar to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases.

Some big third party reveals

Compared to the Wii U Nintendo seems to be handling themselves pretty well with the Nintendo Switch. Just with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Breath of the Wild the system is successful, but Nintendo still needs third party releases. There are already some promises in the pipeline, but at E3 Nintendo needs specific announcements for upcoming games, like new ones from Ubisoft or Bethesda. The Switch will need to provide a solid library in the long run. Nintendo could announce a game like South Park: The Fractured But Whole for their system, showing they are planning a future for the Switch beyond their own style of game.

Virtual Console

Hey, Nintendo, where is the one big feature that should have been on the Switch from the start?

The Virtual Console is a massive collection that offers access to classic gems, yet, on the Switch, it is missing. At E3 Nintendo should share news on the service and, by extension, on some great deals for debut titles. One of these announcements could be for a Gamecube service.

Here’s hoping that Nintendo will have an exciting showing at E3 this year. I hope at least one or two of the things I’ve listed here happen.

Nintendo has much potential with the Switch. Maybe the masters of surprise will strike again and give some exciting reveals.

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