Nintendo eShop favourites are getting physical Wii U releases through Nintendo eShop Selects range

The Wii U’s lifespan may be quickly drawing to a close, but Nintendo is not giving up on their console just yet. Still to this day, they are seeing releases from a wide range of independent developers with a good selection of games, some masterpieces, others complete and utter rubbish (Stone Shire anyone). Of course it has always been the good games that we want to remember and Nintendo is ensuring that some of the biggest get the treatment they deserve.

Nintendo is releasing a new line of retail releases by the name Nintendo eShop Selects which will bring some of the consoles biggest independent (and formerly digital only) games to the store shelf. With this announcement, two games have been revealed for the collection, including Shin’en Multimedia’s Fast Racing Neo and Image & Form’s hit Steamworld Dig as well as Steamworld Heist. Looking through the eShop catalogue, there are some pretty good games but these are so well made that it surprises many to learn that they were not ever released physically. Nintendo is clearly looking out for fans and are giving Wii U owners that last collectors item to cherish and these are truly great picks.

Looking at the retail versions, Fast Racing Neo will come with all content available in the digital release, but it will also include another eight courses which are being made for the games NEO Future pack.

Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist on the other hand will be sharing a dual package which is so wonderfully called the Steamworld Collection. As well as having the main games, the additional content for Steamworld Heist will also be included, titled the Outsider, the content will provide players with a new ally who has a past shrouded in mystery. It will also add new missions, new weapons, new gear, and some new headwear, not everything has to sound good.

Fast Racing Neo and the Steamworld Collection have been slated for release on September 30th in Europe, at this time, no release date has been given for America. Certainly this is exciting news and I would rather play a game on a physical disc than a digital copy, and I am sure many feel the same. So does this news excite you, and is there any other Nintendo eShop games that you want to see get a physical release? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Nintendo PR

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