Nintendo has announced a release date for the forth Wave of Amiibo in Australia and New Zealand

We can be happy now the fourth wave of Amiibo’s in the Super Smash Brothers series have been officially dated for release, in Australia and New Zealand at least. Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand has taken to Twitter to announce that the fourth wave of Amiibo will be coming to the countries on April 25th, and within this wave of Amiibo figures will come Pac-Man, Robin, Lucina, Wario, Charizard and Ness. I just wonder how long these are going to last as reports say the last lot of Amiibo’s to launch in the country were sold out in hours for what I assume is a handful of people honestly wanting them and others just selling them on Ebay.

For this Wave of Amiibo in the United States we still have no clue when it is coming, there are presently no sign of available preorders for any of these characters and all that is known in the country is that “they’re coming” which was announced in a Nintendo Direct back in January. Hopefully Nintendo will come out with a release date very soon for America.

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