Nintendo has more “Garage” games in development like Splatoon

In all my years with games I have never heard of the term “Garage” used to reference games but apparently this is how Shigeru Miyamoto sees games like Splatoon or at least how he classifies them. These games apparently have a certain nature about them and that is why they are called Garage games and it is this nature that fits Splatoon, on another Note Shigeru Miyamoto has stated to Edge that Project Guard and Project Giant Robot full under this same Garage Category.

Splatoon and the three prototypes are the first games to emerge from Garage, a new Nintendo development programme set up last year in which developers break off into small teams and work on new ideas. “There are increasing numbers of young staff at Nintendo’s development studios these days,” Miyamoto says, “and these young guys really want to express themselves.” Work is done during office hours, but he compares Garage to an after-school club, in spirit if not in schedule. “Class time’s over: they gather together and think about new projects completely apart from their everyday business assignments. When all of those projects have advanced to a certain stage, we gather together and exchange opinions on the outcome of each of them, and together we decide which ones should continue. We may have shown several software titles at E3 [that came from Garage], but there are many others in development too.

That explains what Garage means and it is good to see Nintendo looking to the future and getting its smaller teams to design new ideas that could have better interest in the future. I wonder what is next from the Garage games?

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