Quick thoughts: Should Nintendo evolve Mario Kart into Super Smash Kart

Just the other day some big news arose relating to Mario Kart 8, the game is set to evolve beyond what was the previous constraints of the franchise leaving behind the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom and DK’s Island as the exclusive racers. Instead we are set to see more characters hit the game and most definitely not the ones we think, Nintendo is set to include Link and 2 characters from the Animal Crossing universe certainly seeing a change from the traditional formula. Further extending on this there are courses set to be in Hyrule and even the Animal Crossing world which is quite interesting, I don’t know about anyone else but I never expected to see Link in a racing game that didn’t involve a horse and seeing him driving a car or riding a motorbike. But of course with this I am certainly interested by this idea and I look forward to seeing how Nintendo approaches this idea, but more importantly it is the future of this idea that seems interesting.

Since the announcement of Link being in Mario Kart 8 as well as Animal Crossing characters many players of the game have started calling the game Super Smash Kart as a reference to Super Smash Brothers and the way the game links in several games from the world of Nintendo and beyond. So the question is should Nintendo look into renaming Mario Kart as Super Smash Kart or could Nintendo look into doing a secondary game that features a multitude of different characters for the racing game in a similar way to Sega’s Sonic and All Stars Racing.

I actually think that this would be a good idea however the idea of Super Smash Kart does sound a bit silly, instead I would think to go for a more Nintendo stylized name that references Nintendo’s library of amazing characters. It would be great to see Fox racing against Pikachu or Samus, then on top of this we could see entire game universes appear in the game and combinations of many of its characters better expanding on the roster of Smash Brothers.

Then again maybe instead of changing a name or coming up with a new idea featuring all these characters keep the franchise as Mario kart but continue to expand and evolve the roster to include a wider variety of Nintendo specific characters, courses and vehicles that all pay homage to Nintendo’s fantastic history. As we can say Nintendo does not need to evolve Mario Kart, it just needs to be more specialized to include more outside of the Mario Universe. Here’s hoping Mario Kart stays and just gets better with the potential of the latest ideas as the years go by.

Would you like to see more quick thoughts in the future, if you do then I will try to make them better next time.

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