Nintendo is Making Yoshi Amiibo Plushies for Yoshi’s Woolly World

Amiibo’s are about to get a little bit different, traditionally Amiibo figures have been plastic but this is set to change with the latest Amiibo figure set to arrive being different by design. The Yoshi Amiibo set to arrive in the future for the upcoming game Yoshi’s Wooly World is set to be plush instead of plastic, for this Amiibo it will not be immediately present that it is one, but trust me despite its cute teddy like appearence it will be an Amiibo. So what use will this adorable Amiibo have? Well that is simple by scanning this Amiibo on your Gamepad you will have a second Yoshi appear on screen which can be used as a weapon and all to reach out of the way locations with ease, something that you could only normally do in a co-op game, though you will be able to do it in single player. Don’t worry you can get Yoshi in multiple colors including green, light blue and pink.

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