Mewtwo Strikes Back in Super Smash Bros. on April 15th, don’t despair he will also arrive for single version owners on April 28th

Mewtwo Strikes Back is no longer just the name of a Pokemon movie it is also now the slogan for Mewtwo when he returns to Smash Brothers to get revenge on Mario for not inviting him to Brawl and hitting Link for remembering to mail his invitation to the latest game late. Yes, we have known for a while that Mewtwo was set to strike back and re-enter the battle, the only thing we did not know was when exactly he was set to arrive but now we know. It was announced today that Nintendo plans to release Mewtwo to those who own and have registered Super Smash Brothers for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on Club Nintendo, however if you only own one game you will not have long to wait. Nintendo has confirmed that they will be bringing Mewtwo as general downloadable content for players on April 28th for $3.99 per version or $4.99 for both.

I am glad I am getting this character on April 15th as I have never played Melee so it will be good to experience him, I don’t think he could be any worse then Jigglypuff or Lucario. Check out Mewtwo in action below:

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