Nintendo not attending PAX East this year.

A representative from Nintendo has told the site Nintendo World Report that Nintendo of America will not be attending PAX East this year.

This will mark the first time in the company’s history that they haven’t made an appearance at the expo.

While this is sad news for Nintendo fans hoping to get some hands on time with Nintendo products and perhaps hear about some new games, some indie developers have said they are making unofficial appearances on behalf of Nintendo such as indie developer Renegade Kid who had this to say.

In light of Nintendo’s absence at PAX East, Renegade Kid will be the unofficial Nintendo presence offering a 3DS lounge to sit & play 3DS!

— Jools Watsham (@JoolsWatsham) March 24, 2014

So at least there is some support Nintendo wise and perhaps this could be an excellent chance for indie developers to get more of a spotlight.

Source: Nintendo World Report

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