Nintendo of Australia e-mail mentioning 2015 release for Fire Emblem was an error, unlikely to arrive outside of Japan in 2015

The above image should look familiar to you, just yesterday I posted a news story relating to Fire Emblem being on this official e-mail image from Nintendo of Australia with the big thing specifying “Games coming in 2015 on Nintendo 3DS”. Now if you look at the new e-mail you will notice something different it now says “Games coming for Nintendo 3DS”.

The original story was all about this original image basically confirming Fire Emblem would be arriving outside of Japan this year, as it turns out this is no longer a confirmation with the game being more then likely to arrive in 2016. As it turns out there was an error in the original image which today they reissued with the correction, so it may still be possible that Fire Emblem will arrive this year, but I do think it is very unlikely.

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