Nintendo UK store offering Devil’s Third T-Shirt with pre-order of the game

There are silly reasons why we can be inclined to go and pre-order a game, the big one of the silly reasons is the promise of silly little goodies which we the collector in us falls in love and craves. Whether you interested in the game or not, the incentive can be more then enough to swede your purchase decision and I think this is what Nintendo UK is relying on.

Nintendo UK is bringing a new pre-order incentive to Devil’s Third via their UK store. This little pre-order bonus will give purchasers of the game a Devil’s Third T-Shirt which looks pretty cool.I am not sure if this is really the bonus that should excite you but if it does you can rejoice in knowing you can show off your love of the Wii U and potentially Devil’s Third on the go.

You can order here.

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