Nintendo’s Hisashi Nogami says it’s difficult to answer when Animal Crossing could come to the Wii U

Of Nintendo’s major franchises there are three that people are constantly requesting to make an appearance on the Wii U, of these franchises there is one particularly that stands out, the Animal Crossing franchise. Since the origins of the console fans have been crying out for Animal Crossing and though many teases have been dropped about a potential Wii U game nothing has come of it. In an interview with Engadget, Hisashi Nogami of Nintendo EAD was asked a series of questions but is most notable the question asked about Animal Crossing for the Wii U. Nogami was asked When are we going to see Animal Crossing on Wii U? To this he was unsure responding to the question with this:

Well, that’s difficult for me to answer at the moment! Yup. That’s pretty much all we can say.

What I will say is that you may have seen an announcement recently about anAnimal Crossing product coming out on the 3DS… I can tack that on to the end of my response.

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