Nordic Games is looking at options for bringing back the Destroy All Humans franchise

Destroy All Humans was one of THQ’s former franchises that I actually doubted would ever return, and yet there is actually hope for this franchise. When THQ shut down along with the Darksiders franchise, Nordic Games also picked up the rights to Destroy All Humans, and according to Nordic Games product development director and executive producer Rienhard Pollice they are looking into a revival of the franchise.

Pollice notes through Twitter that options are currently being explored, and that he hopes to see development begin shortly, he states:

@ElMegalomator Can I expect anything Destroy All Humans soon? I’ve been waiting so long for a new game.

@Gaming4Fun1 there are a few options we are evaluating now. Hope to get started on one of these soon

This is big news for the franchise, yet it remains to be seen, will we see a brand new game or perhaps a remaster of one of the early games. Either way fans should be happy to potentially see this beloved franchise head to current systems. Hopefully Nordic Games will reveal some new details very soon and give us an indication of their direction for the franchise.


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