Once Upon A Coma Launches on Kickstarter

The creator of Pinstripe, Thomas Brush, is back again with Once Upon A Coma. This sequel to Coma went live on Kickstarter today and includes special perks for previous Pinstripe backers. With a goal of $28,000 and a close deadline of March 17, this project is starting off ambitious. However, given their previous success and large fanbase, it’s no surprise the campaign is starting off strong.

As a teenager, Thomas Brush made Coma as a personal project. After finishing Pinstripe and facing creative burnout, he returned back to this game and set out to create its sequel, which can also be played as a stand-alone game. You play as Pete, who wakes up from a coma to discover that his town isn’t anything like he remembers. Once Upon A Coma is a hack-and-slash style game, complete with puzzles, collectibles, and monsters to fight. The game also teaches you how to play the soundtrack as you unlock puzzles using a piano.

The minimum pledge for a digital copy of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux is $10 for the first 250 backers and $15 afterward. A pledge of $25 or more will get you the soundtrack, your name in the credits as a “Doctor,” and a high-resolution art book. Higher pledges include alpha access, signed sheet music, Google hangouts, and more. During the first twenty-four hours, those who backed Pinstripe and supported this project as well received a bonus copy of the game, the complete soundtrack collection, and the previous works of Thomas Brush, including the original Coma.

You can see this Kickstarter project here, or try out the demo on Windows from the developer Serenity Forge Studios. Those who back the game can expect their copies around October. If the stretch goal is reached, there is a possibility of a Nintendo Switch release of the game as well.

To see more of the game’s atmosphere and gameplay, check out the teaser video below.

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