Ouya Started Shipping to Developers.

There are some good news for gamers who supported the Ouya project. In the next days 1,200 developer versions of the console will reach the buyers who payed $699 for the ability to code games for the new Android-gaming console. This developer edition opens with standard screws so hackers can construct their own peripherals and connect them via USB or Bluetooth.

“There’s a lot of focus today on the mobile and web platform. It’s easier to develop games for those platforms so the television costs a lot of money, you have to work with established players in the space and I’ve been trying to figure out how do we get them back to it,” says Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman in a promotion video. “Anybody that wants to develop a game for television, we allow them to do this.”

Here’s the unboxing.

Source: PCworld

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