Palworld: How To Get Ancient Technology Points

The latest entry from Pocket Pair Inc., Palworld, captivates players with various intriguing activities, ranging from exploring and collecting Pals to obtaining items and crafting materials. While most items can be unlocked easily using regular currencies, some require rarer ones like the Ancient Technology Points. These rare points can be used to unlock clothing, structures, accessories for Pals, and more. This guide covers the most effective methods to obtain Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. If you are eager to unlock new advanced items, follow this guide!

How To Get Ancient Technology Points In Palworld


In order to obtain Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, you need to take down in-world bosses and dungeon bosses found throughout the open world. While the world bosses are giant, frightening-looking Pals, they actually have fairly low health bars and are not very threatening. However, the dungeon(Syndicate Towers) bosses, due to their massive health bars, can actually be scary if you do not have a proper strategy to take them on. 

Defeating the big Pals out in the world rewards you with 1 Ancient Technology Point each, whereas you get 5 Ancient Technology Points for defeating those Syndicate Tower bosses. However, you will acquire the said points for defeating a boss on the first attempt only. Fighting the same enemy again will reward you with only some basic loot and no additional points. So it’s better not to waste time and keep hunting for new bosses.

How To Use Ancient Technology Points In Palworld

Technology Tree

When you open the Technology Tree menu, you will see two sections: Technology and Ancient Technology. You will require regular Technology Points to unlock the things in the Technology section. On the other hand, the Ancient Technology section requires you to spend Ancient Technology Points to unlock items.

On scrolling down, you can see that first unlock will be available at level 8. This is the Statue of Power— a structure where you can make offerings to enhance your Pals and players. Like this, the more you level up, the more things you unlock and so on.

And that’s how you can earn Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comments if you need any specific guide regarding this game. Make sure to stay tuned to GameLuster for more upcoming Palworld guides!

Palworld is currently available on Xbox and PC platforms.


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