Party Like It’s 1996 with Strafe

Strafe is the throwback first-person shooter developed by Pixel Titans and published by Devolver Digital that began on Kickstarter and is coming to PC, Mac, and PS4 on May 9.

Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, and any given 90s-era FPS are inspiration. Strafe‘s “Bleeding Edge Graphics and Gameplay” – that focus on “speed, gibs, and secrets”- are straight out of 1996 as the game has quick movement, blood and gore, and secret rooms and levels. The game is also rogue-like in that levels change each time you play.

From the official site:

“STRAFE ® is a unique singleplayer 3D action experience where the player can pick up a gun and shoot hordes of things in the face… We give you the levels, you paint them red.”

Sounds great.

In the game, you play as a “scrapper” whose scout ship has joined up with Icarus, a massive spacecraft, as it explores uncharted space. After returning from a scrapping run, Icarus is nowhere to be seen. Still located through the teleporter’s coordinates, you teleport aboard. Having brought a gun “just in case,” you encounter the monsters and the carnage begins.

To see more of Strafe, check out “Strafecon,” a digital convention of streamers playing the game, and watch the launch trailer below.

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