Persona 6 Rumoured To Be Getting A Late 2024 Release

Fans of the Persona series may not have to wait much longer for its next installment, thanks to some recent leaks. If they are to be believed, Persona 6 could be making an appearance in late 2024.

The role-playing video game hasn’t had an installment since Persona 5 was released in 2016 and extended version Persona 5 Royal in 2019 . With a loyal fanbase desperate for news of a sequel, it could be arriving as soon as next year. This news comes courtesy of Nate the Hate, a Youtuber/industry analyst. 

In his recent Youtube show, he spoke about Atlus’ future plans – including Persona 6. This video saw him discuss his predictions for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Showcase and he thinks it’s here we will see the big announcement. More specifically, he thinks it will happen around the 20-minute mark of the show.

Although they is no proof per se, Nate has been correct about many predictions in the past. This includes correctly guessing the news of upcoming Nintendo Switch titles which we saw over on Reddit. Additionally, the late 2024 time frame will make it likely that Persona 6 will be available on PlayStation 5 and not the PlayStation 4. 

Until now, news from the Persona series has been little to none. Both Sega and Atlus have remained tight-lipped which has led to a lot of speculation. What they have revealed, however, was a piece of art released in March that hints at the future of the series (for those eagle-eyed fans out there).

Credit: Atlus

For Nate the Hate, he not only believes that Persona 6 will be a PS5 exclusive, but had also had some news about the Persona 3 Remake. He says it will be multiplatform but will not be featured at the PlayStation showcase. Instead, he thinks it will be showcased at the Xbox Showcase which airs on June 11. Rumours of the PS2 remake have been circling for a while so it remains to be seen if they are true.

For now, we will have to keep our eyes on the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. Hopefully, Persona 6 will be making an appearance in 2024.

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