Phil Spencer has confirmed a strategy game is in the works for the Xbox One or PC

Fans of strategy games who are after a game like that for their Xbox One will be happy, responding to a fan on Twitter Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that a strategy game was in the works and it is likely it could be for the Xbox One.

Spencer was asked:

Are we going to have a strategy game any time soon?

To this Spencer responded with a simple yes, of course this gives us no insight into what could possibly be in development, however if Microsoft is trying to use one of their I.P it could be suggested to be a new Halo Wars game for some real time strategy fun. It could also be something entirely different or even new and I am sure if anything it will be mentioned around E3, so look forward to that because it is not far away. It is likely that he is just confirming that a game is in the works and it could be for PC but we will have to wait and see.


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