Pikmin comes to Nintendo 3DS in 2017

The latest Nintendo Direct brought a number of surprises and big reveals, though one the biggest surprise to come from the presentation was the reveal of a brand new Pikmin game. Nintendo is getting set to bring Pikmin to a handheld console for the first time with the newly revealed Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS which is also set to change the way Pikmin is played.

The latest game will do away with the traditional open level strategy fans have come to expect, instead this new Pikmin game is presented as a 2D sidescroller offering a different take on the traditional trend. It seems that much of the gameplay shown off in the new trailer takes place on the touchscreen as players gain the ability to tap the screen in order to throw their Pikmin allies.

At this time three forms of Pikmin have been confirmed to be part of the game, this includes the traditional Red, Yellow, and Blue each maintaining their normal traits from the previous games.

Pikmin is set to make its Nintendo 3DS debut sometime in 2017 and it remains to be seen whether this change will offer fans the experience that they want.

However you can make up your own mind by checking out the trailer below:

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