Pokemon Art Academy is coming to America, Europe and Australia

So much Pokemon lately as get excitedly come to you today with a game announcement I did two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I confirmed that Pokemon Art Academy was coming to Japan and I had no clue whether it was going to be localized outside of Japan. It has now been confirmed that the game is set to be localized  and released in Europe on July 4th  and in Australia on July 5th. If you live in North America then you will be seeing this game arrive in Fall 2014 there is no finalized release date but we did at least get a release window.

Pokemon Art Academy follows the same basic guidelines as previous in the Art Academy franchise in terms of teaching you to draw, however this time the game is set to use the Pokemon brand as the basis of teaching you to draw with several Pokemon to draw including Charizard and Pikachu.

I believe this is actually a clever strategy to attract more interest to the Art Academy brand, the combination of peoples love for Pokemon mixed with the love of art and Pokemon Art Academy offering an different drawing experience to past Art Academy games. Not to mention this will also attract the younger audience because of what’s on it and I am glad we will see this game outside of Japan as it is much better.

Source: Serebii

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